Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lupin III

  •   He’s a thief, but wears bright, snazzy clothes in attempts to look debonair.
  • His goofy smirk shows that he takes things playfully.
  • He’s gangly which makes him look comical and bumbling.
  • His big ears add to his mischievous look (like a monkey.)
  • Often carries a gun to defend himself from the police or assassins.
  • Slick hair and long sideburns kept neat to show his concern for his looks.
  • Often walks with his legs and arms wide to accent his casual, impulsive behavior.
  • Has big eyes with a sharp stare because he’s very determined on his goals.
  • Wears disguises to pull off heists.
  • Has a weakness for women.

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